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Foundation Stabilization

We have been busy with our historic restoration project and working closely with our contractors to ensure we have an iconic building that Downtown Howell can be proud of and call its own! Although the progress can be hard to gauge at points throughout a project of this size, we have made significant strides towards completion.

With any project that deals with buildings as old as these, you are bound to run into hiccups along the way. When the excavation for an elevator shaft on the back side of the building began, our engineers raised some concerns on the integrity of the foundation walls. We stopped excavation while we brought in a Structural Engineering firm to help us assess the situation, and come up with a safe and sound plan of action.   They created a very complex design, that will take several weeks to implement, but will allow us to build new foundation walls.  The first step is to stabilize the walls, once that is complete the shoring can go in and finally, the new walls will be done.  As the photos below show this is no easy feat and careful consideration and planning has and is taking place. Although this is setting back our project by several weeks, it will ensure that our final structure will be here for many more centuries to come!

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