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2Fog’s Pub to Reuse Historic Swann’s Door

2Fog’s Pub is working on repurposing the original Swann’s door as a lobby entrance door into the pub. We love to see such a wonderful piece of history being incorporated back into the building so we can always remember our past. They are also incorporating some of the very old leaded glass from Spag’s transom into their entrance, we can’t wait to see it finished!

We thank the 2Fog’s Pub team for taking this extra effort in preserving such iconic pieces of our building’s history. Be sure to stayed tuned to the 2Fog’s Pub website for all of the latest updates!

Original Swann's Door

Becky Parker works hard at restoring the beautiful original Swann’s Door!

One Response so far.

  1. Barb says:

    enjoy watching the progress you all have made; miss seeing you;

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